Mass in Waterford Cathedral Sunday 11th July

Feast of St Oliver Plunkett


Mass in Waterford Cathedral Sunday 24th June



Feast of Corpus Christi

Latin Mass Barntown Co. Wexford at 7:00pm

Mass will be followed by procession of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Solemn Benediction

Latin Mass Waterford Cathedral 27th May at 10am


Schedule of Events


Mass in Waterford Cathedral Sunday 29th April


Tridentine Mass in Wexford Palm Sunday

Procession of Palms before Mass



Rally for Life

Protecting the lives of innocent children in their mother’s womb

Latin Mass in St Kevin’s at 12 noon followed by a cup of tea prior to the pro-life rally on Saturday.

10th March 12 Noon: Mass for Life

To facilitate people coming to the pro-life rally in Dublin on Saturday 10th March, there will be a low Mass in St Kevin’s at 12.00 noon. This Mass will be offered for the protection of the lives of innocent children in theirs mother womb.


Mass in Waterford Cathedral Sunday 18th March

Mass on the day will be offered for the protection of innocent children in their mother’s womb from the terrible act of abortion.

There will be a gathering as part of the Rosary at the Mass Rocks event in St Saviour’s Church, Bridge Street at 2:30 pm.   All three mysteries of the Rosary will be recited.  Do come and support this very necessary spiritual work of mercy.


Mass in Waterford Cathedral

Monday 19th March at 11:30am

Feast of Saint Joseph



Important Press Announcement

Protecting the lives of innocent children in their mother’s womb

Latin Mass in Waterford Cathedral

Sunday 25th February at 10:00am


Latin Mass in Waterford Cathedral

Ash Wednesday 14th February 6:30pm


Latin Mass in Waterford Cathedral

Sunday 28th January at 10 am

Missa Cantata in Wexford on Friday 2nd February

Feast of Candlemas

St Alphonsus Church, Barntown, at 7:00pm. Celebrant: Fr Anthony Buckley CC.


Latin Mass in Waterford Cathedral

Sunday 28th January at 10 am



Missa Cantata in Wexford on Sunday 21st January

3rd Sunday After the Epiphany

Missa Adoráte Déum

Sunday January 21st: Missa Cantata at St Alphonsus Church, Barntown, at 17:00. Celebrant: Fr Anthony Buckley CC.


A Happy and Holy Christmas to all our members and friends and

may we all have a fruitful new year.


News from Around the Country

Rorate Mass at Dawn 9th December,  St Alphonsus Church, Barntown County Wexford.

Solemn Mass on the Feast of the Holy Innocents

28th December 2017 11:30am

St Kevins, Harrington Street D8

Mass will be offered for the defence of children in the womb.

All Are Most Welcome to Attend.

Tea and coffee in hall afterwards





Rosary on the Coast
The Rosary on the Coast was a great success given the cold.  About 30,000 faithful participated in the event around the country.

It was announced yesterday that the Marie Stopes abortion referral clinic in Northern Ireland will be closing its doors on Friday 8th December – The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Thank you dear Mother!



Requiem Mass for deceased members and friends.

Many thanks for all who assisted at  our Requiem Mass for deceased members and friends.  The Society hopes to make this an annual event in November for all our supporters.

Grateful thanks to Fr Deighan for making it possible.


    Latin Mass Society of Ireland NewsLetter

Locations List for Rosary on the Coast Initiative


Celebrant Fr Andrzej Komorowski FSSP

There will be Benediction and Consecration to Christ the King after Mass  on Sunday 29th of October.

All are most welcome to attend


 Latin Mass Society of Ireland

Annual Journey to Knock October 14th 2017

The Annual Mass at Knock for the Latin Mass Society of Ireland took place at 4:00pm in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  Over 60 people joined us for the Mass. The celebrant was Canon John O’Connor ICKSP.  He gave a wonderful homily on the lessons we can learn from our Lady, who even in the darkest of moments stood by the cross with confidence and resignation to God’s Will.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to assist at the votive Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the day.  Most especially in this important 100yr anniversary of  the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima.


The Annual General Meeting at Knock Shrine took place on Saturday 14 October at 12 noon in St John’s Rest & Care Centre.

Grateful thanks to all the outgoing members of the board most especially Mr Michael O’Donovan,  for his tireless service and Mr Nick Lowry a great bastion for the promotion of the Latin Mass in Ireland whose service on the board has spanned over 20 years. Also to John Scanlan for his great work and commitment in the Munster region.

The Society is delighted to announce the election of our new board

President: Mr John Briody

Secretary: Ms Katie O’Driscoll

Treasurer: Mrs Maria Humphrey

Provincial Officers

Mrs Lucy O’Brien – Leinster

Mrs Maria Humphrey – Munster

Dr John Monaghan – Connaught

Mr David O’Brien – Ulster

We ask for your prayers and support as we go forward in the promotion of the Traditional Latin Mass in our Country.


Mass in Waterford Cathedral on 24th September


Mass in Waterford Cathedral on the

Feast of Saint Oliver Plunkett


Fota X International Liturgy Conference

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy
Fota X International Liturgy Conference
Press Release 3
25 April 2017
No Imbargo, Immediate release

 09 June, 2017

When: June 8, 2017 @ 9:30 am – June 10, 2017 @ 4:30 am

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy is pleased to announce that the Fota X International Liturgy Conference, to be held in Cork, Ireland, 8-10 July 2017, will be opened by His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military and Hospitellar Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta.

The subject of the conference is Resourcing the Prayers of the Roman LiturgyPatristic Sources and will be explored by a panel of experts drawn from the United States, Germany and Ireland, among them Prof. Manfred Hauke (Lugano), Prof. Dieter Boehler (Frankfurt), Prof. Joseph Briody (Boston), Dr. Lauren Pristas (New York), and Gregory DiPippo (New Liturgical Movement).

Saturday 8 July 2017
9.45-10.45 Joseph Briody: As He promised: Davidic Hope Resurgent – the Message of 2 Kings 25:27-30.
11.00-12.00 Markus Büning: Panis animarum – The Eucharist in St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
3.00-4.00 Dieter Böhler SJ: Jerome and the Recent Revision of the German Einheitsübersetzung Bible.
4.15-5.15 Gregory DiPippo: The Patristic Sources of the Roman Lectionary in Lent.
Sunday 9 July 2017
4.00-5.00 João Paulo de Mendonça Dantas: The Eucharist in the thought of Nicholas Cabasilas
5.00-6.00 Mark Withoos: ‘ad audiendum silentium narrationis eius’ (Ep. 147): Silence and Liturgy in St. Augustine.
6.30-7.30 Launch of Verbum Domini: Liturgy and Scripture (ed. Briody)
8.00 Gala Dinner
Monday 10 July 2017
9.30-10.30 His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke: Early Sources of the Church’s Liturgical Discipline
10.45-11.45 Kevin Zilverberg: The Latin Fathers’ Daniel in Antiphons and Responsories
2.45-3.45 Manfred Hauke: The Holy Eucharist in the Life and Work of Pope Gregory the Great.
4.00-5.00 Sven Conrad: The Christian Sacrifice according to St. Augustine:
Prospectives taking into Consideration Joseph Ratzinger`s Approach.
5.00-6.00 Johannes Nebel: The Paradigmatic Change of the Post Conciliar Liturgical Reform from actio to celebratio in the Light of the Latin Fathers.

His Eminence will deliver a paper entitled: 
Early Sources of the Church’s Liturgical Discipline.

Saturday 8 July 2017 at 7.30pm: Pontifical Vespers at Sts Peter and Paul’s celebrated by His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. Music by the Lassus Scholars Dublin: Musical Director: Dr Ite O’Donovan.
Sunday 9 July 2017 at 11.30am: Pontifical High Mass at Sts Peter and Paul’s celebrated by His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. . Music by the Lassus Scholars Dublin: Musical Director: Dr Ite O’Donovan.
Monday 10 July 2017 at 12.30pm: Solemn High Mass in St. Peter and Paul’s.

Hon. Secretary: Terry Pender
or tel: international +00353 21
4813445/ local 021 4813445


Mass in Waterford Cathedral on 25th June



Fr James Mawdsley FSSP  – First Solemn Mass

Feast of St Patrick

St Kevin’s Harrington Street, Dublin

Father James Mawdsley offered his First Solemn Mass at St Kevin’s, Harrington on March 19th on the great feast of our Patron, Saint Patrick.

O Lord, how great are Thy works! (Psalm 92: 5)

Fr James gave a magnificent homily on the necessity of chastity to the Faith.  Saint Patrick, no doubt, looked down with love seeing this new soldier take up the baton and run the race. 


Hail, glorious Saint Patrick, thy words were once strong
Against Satan’s wiles and an infidel throng;
Not less is thy might where in heaven thou art;
O, come to our aid, in our battle take part.

After Mass, Fr Mawdsley gave his first blessing to members of the congregation.  It was  a grace filled and privileged day for all.

Sanctus Patricius, Ora Pro Nobis


First New Monastery Established in Meath Since Reformation

A great development for Meath and indeed the whole of our country.  Congratulations to all!
Bishop Smith presided at the canonical establishment of a new monastery at Silverstream Priory in the Diocese of Meath on Saturday 25 February 2017.

Full details below


Great News From Down and Connor

From the First Sunday in Lent, the 5th March, there will be a weekly Sunday Mass at 4 pm and all the Masses will take place in St Therese. This means that there is stability about the time and location. Having this stability of time will mean that choir membership and server numbers can grow. This will allow Sung Masses and Solemn High Masses.
Sunday 4:00pm
St Therese of Lisieux Church, 71 Somerton Rd,
Belfast, BT15 4DE.


Traditional Latin Mass in Waterford Cathedral

After a 50 year absence the Traditional Latin Mass returned to the oldest cathedral seat of the oldest city in Ireland.

With the kind permission of Very Rev. Canon Edmund Cullinan, Adm, the Traditional Roman Catholic Mass was offered in Waterford Cathedral on Sunday 22nd of January at 10am.

The Celebrant, polish priest Fr Andrzej Komorowski processed in a rather fitting green cope through a respectably  filled Cathedral of over 250 people, all eagarly awaiting the Traditional Mass.


It was a wonderful  opportunity for older Mass goers in the diocese to experience once again, the beauty, solemnity, and splendour of the Traditional Latin Mass. It was also an opportunity for younger Mass goers to witness for the first time, the central and most splendid jewel of their Catholic liturgical heritage – The magnificent Mass with sacred music that formed all the great saints of the Church and nourished the faith and lives of their grandparents and ancestors.


   Many older Catholics  remembered their chants and took up their part in the singing of the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Angus Dei.

It was a great delight to all the servers when a young boy, without a moment of hesitation or insecurity presented himself  to the serving team and requested to serve with them.

 The older form of the Mass has many fixed rules concerning the gestures of the priest.  These movements and gestures reflect the sacredness of the Liturgy and provide a visual orientation to the sacred for the congregation. They point towards God in all their aspects. The  sacred silences in the Mass underscore the transcendent nature of the Liturgy. Heaven and Earth are joined in a way that no human words can reflect.

 A great day for Waterford and a privilege for all who assisted. Fr Faber never spoke truer words when he described this Mass as

“The most beautiful thing this side of Heaven”.



Ad majorem Dei gloriam et Deo gratias




The Latin Mass Society of Ireland, founded in 1999, is an association of Catholic faithful dedicated to the preservation of the “ancient form of the Roman rite” as a legitimate usage of the Church’s liturgy.

The society is composed predominantly of lay members drawn from every age group and walk of life, but also includes a number of priests who minister to all who “continue to adhere with great love and affection to the earlier liturgical forms”. The Society is currently headed by Mr John Briody President.