Laudate Dominum:
Praise ye the Lord, for He is good:
sing ye to His Name, for He is sweet:
whatsoever He pleased,
He hath done in heaven and in earth.

Next Scheduled Latin Mass at Waterford Cathedral will be 26th February at 10am

Traditional Latin Mass in Waterford Cathedral

After a 50 year absence the Traditional Latin Mass returned to the oldest cathedral seat of the oldest city in Ireland.

With the kind permission of Very Rev. Canon Edmund Cullinan, Adm, the Traditional Roman Catholic Mass was offered in Waterford Cathedral on Sunday 22nd of January at 10pm.

The Celebrant, polish priest Fr Andrzej Komorowski processed in a rather fitting green cope through a respectably  filled Cathedral of over 250 people, all eagarly awaiting the Traditional Mass.


It was a wonderful  opportunity for older Mass goers in the diocese to experience once again, the beauty, solemnity, and splendour of the Traditional Latin Mass. It was also an opportunity for younger Mass goers to witness for the first time, the central and most splendid jewel of their Catholic liturgical heritage – The magnificent Mass with sacred music that formed all the great saints of the Church and nourished the faith and lives of their grandparents and ancestors.


   Many older Catholics  remembered their chants and took up their part in the singing of the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Angus Dei.

It was a great delight to all the servers when a young boy, without a moment of hesitation or insecurity presented himself  to the serving team and requested to serve with them.

 The older form of the Mass has many fixed rules concerning the gestures of the priest.  These movements and gestures reflect the sacredness of the Liturgy and provide a visual orientation to the sacred for the congregation. They point towards God in all their aspects. The  sacred silences in the Mass underscore the transcendent nature of the Liturgy. Heaven and Earth are joined in a way that no human words can reflect.

 A great day for Waterford and a privilege for all who assisted. Fr Faber never spoke truer words when he described this Mass as

“The most beautiful thing this side of Heaven”.



Ad majorem Dei gloriam et Deo gratias




The Latin Mass Society of Ireland, founded in 1999, is an association of Catholic faithful dedicated to the preservation of the “ancient form of the Roman rite” as a legitimate usage of the Church’s liturgy.

The society is composed predominantly of lay members drawn from every age group and walk of life, but also includes a number of priests who minister to all who “continue to adhere with great love and affection to the earlier liturgical forms”. The Society is currently headed by Nicholas Lowry, who was elected at the 2013 AGM.